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  • Q’s about Our brand, Philosophy and Experience
  • Q’s about Orders (before & after)
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Q’s about Our brand, Philosophy and Experience:

Do you guarantee the quality of the products you sell?

You bet your kids happiness we do! Here at Kids Outlet our greatest pride, is knowing that your purchase will bring a smile to your child’s face (and yours for that matter). Therefore we stand 100% behind the quality and satisfaction of all products that we sell.

What’s unique about K.O.’s product selection?

K.O. has a unique offering of specialty products for Kids & Parents sourced from only the best manufacturers. Many of our products come from “mom & pop” shops, whom we find generally focus their attention on detail & quality more than the “big guys”. Of course we offer a wide range of products from the popular brands you love & trust.

Can I expect to find good deals?

You better believe it! We work extremely hard to ensure great deals & competitive pricing on all items that we sell. That way you don’t have to worry about the “price tag” and can enjoy your time shopping for the items you want.

How can I sign-up to K.O.’s  – member exclusive – rewards program (the “Owls Club”)?

Nothing makes up happier than watching our family grow… Click Here

How do I accumulate T.O.C  reward points?

There are numerous ways to earn points; making a purchase, filling in product reviews, joining our family through all our Social Media platforms… However, the quickest way to accumulate points is to become an active “BLANK”. This is done by responding to “live” inquiries from fellow shoppers just like yourself.

How do I use my T.O.C reward points?

We’re glad you asked. Just like you would use a store credit, T.O.C points are as good as cash on the K.O. website ...

Q’s about Orders (before & after):

 I’m having trouble completing my purchase?

While we work tirelessly to ensure that you’ll have a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience, glitches can always occur. Please contact us and we will gladly address the situation.

I have placed my order, when can I expect it to arrive?

Firstly, thank you! Secondly, all orders are shipped from the vendors warehouse, you will be notified, once your order has shipped with a tracking #.